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Ingenuity To Create




We are a store from California and currently have our local stores in San Francisco and San Antonio, and our third store is about to open in London.
This store is a multi-category collection store. Mainly selling shoes and clothing, with occasional festive products! We have excellent products in various industries.
Since opening in 2018, we have served over 10,000 people. We treat our customers like God, and we also believe that gaining the trust of our customers is the only criterion for us not to fail in this industry.

Why did more than 20,000 happy users choose jinhayson Blender?

    I have been looking for American made products since 2017, 95% of the products in the US come from China, so glad I can now buy products in a store that comes from the USA
    Alexander Ashley
    I hardly write reviews, but this store is definitely worth checking out. Jinksic is perfect! Not only is the product perfect, he treats all customers very well and patiently helps me solve problems
    Jason Riley
    Jinksic's shoes are the best quality product I've ever bought. She has cured many years of foot pain. Now I buy my shoes here every year, and my daughter is also a loyal customer of them.
    Isaac Angelina
    This store, jinksic, was discovered by me accidentally reading a news. At first, I found that this store basically sells shoes, and the price is very cheap, which made me suspicious, but after I received the goods, I was very convinced that this store was I need
    Jack Morgan
    I believe that American manufacturing can return to No. 1 in the world. My father told me "You get what you pay for" since I was a child. I would rather spend more to buy a country that supports me than to be cheap.
    Lucas Andrea