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Indoor Non-slip Thermal Socks

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Benefits & Features

Trap The Heat:

The fleece provides a thick layer to trap heat effectively keeping your feet warm from toes to the calf.

Soft & Comfortable:

 The fleece layer is softwhich makes you feel comfortable. 

Stretchy Material:

The socks are stretchythat allows you to roll up and down to create different styles.

Enhance Blood Circulation: 

They can be wore to bed to enhance blood circulation at night.

Multiple Patterns:

There are multiple patterns for selection to fit your own style.

🌨Walking around or relax in house for against cold feet in winter❄

Combat cold floors and chilly feet with our Slipper Socks! With an ultra-plush cable knit design and a warm and cosy fleece quality lining . the Slipper Socks can keep the whole family warm with their one size fits most design.

Our Slipper Socks have ingenious anti-slip silicone grips on the sole for safety and a tall sock design that keeps the entire foot and ankle in complete comfort and warmth. The only slippers you'll ever need.

Keep your feet warm during the cold season with the Indoor Non-slip Thermal Socks!

The Extra-warm Fleece Indoor Socks is one of the must-have items in your wardrobe in cold weather. The fleece can trap the heat effectively and warm your feet from toes to the calf.

With the soft fleece, it is comfortable to wear and you can feel like walking barefoot.

This Weird Socks That Ancient Asian Doctors Had Used For Thousands Of Years To Naturally Relieve Swelling 😱

The Silver fiber sole in this socks give right amount of the pressure to the nerves and regulate circulation of blood. This padded sole in this sock is hardly noticeable and very comfortable.

 They also act as a firm grip and keeps your feet from getting blisters, the 100% medical grade cotton helps with moisture control, wicking away moisture, keeping your feet cool, dry, and comfortable.

 Many companies market regular socks as lymphedema socks and sell them. They are just regular loose socks.